Commercial stack washer/dryers: CS10-Series

The range of CS10-stack washer/dryers has been designed as vertical combinations that provide all of the power of IPSO washers and dryers while occupying only half of the floor space of a conventional washer and dryer setup. These stacked units also allow to utilize the same connections and hook-ups required by a standard washer and dryer, so no changes to your installation are needed.


  • Coin-operated version
  • Freestanding: can be installed on any floor and any level
  • Double capacity in same floor space
  • Top, front and side panels standard available in white
  • Stainless steel outer and inner drum
  • Redesigned soap box with 4 compartments
  • 440 G-force extraction
    • Removes more moisture
    • Minimizes drying times and utility costs
  • 6 wash programs with possibility of programming cycle modifier options
    • Added prewash
    • Extra wash time
    • Extra rinse
  • 5 drying programs